DataQualityTools Enterprise

DataQualityTools Enterprise 4.07

Software to avoid duplication of data sources

The DataQuality Tools Enterprise software program lets you manage your data base to help you avoid sending duplicates of your marketing letters to various emails.

The program lets you acknowledge an automatic list of users who don't want to get any advertising and fill up secondary external databases to your own address.

The DataQuality Tools Enterprise lets you avoid spamming by accidentally sending duplicate information in your marketing newsletters. This practice helps you improve the image of your marketing company and avoid getting included in blacklists.

The DataQuality Tools Enterprise takes note of people who are open to receive solicitations of personal advertisements to make sure that your marketing material reaches those who will acknowledge your product.

The DataQuality Tools Enterprise lets you merge important data and can process any type from any data source like ACCESS (mdb), ACCESS2007 (accdb), VistaDB (vdb3), EXCEL (xls), EXCEL2007 (xlsx), dBase (dbf), CSV- and text files, and also from database servers such as MS SQL-Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL and ORACLE.

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DataQualityTools Enterprise


DataQualityTools Enterprise 4.07

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